Heat Pump Repair And Installation In Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth And Suffolk

Heat Pump Repair CompanyAt Chesapeake Heating and Air Conditioning, we are experts at heat pump repair and installation. Compared to traditional methods of heating and cooling like gas or an electric furnace, heat pumps are quite economical for climate control.

A heat pump system consists of two components, one indoor unit and one outdoor unit. They provide options for both heating and cooling via thermostat control.

Our Local Heat Pump Repair Service

With Hampton Roads and its versatile weather patterns, we know that when your heat pump stops working, it is an emergency. For your convenience and peace of mind, we offer quality, affordable service to all our customers in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Suffolk and the surrounding areas. Looking for a heat pump repair company that has experience in diagnosis, repair and installation of heat pump systems in Hampton Roads, Virginia? Choose Chesapeake Heating and Air Conditioning for licensed and insured, professional HVAC repair and installation services. Call us at 757-589-1994 or contact us online to schedule an appointment!

How To Tell If You Need A Heat Pump Repair Specialist

Having a problem with your heat pump and wondering how to tell if you need to call a heat pump repair specialist? There are some situations that commonly occur when experiencing a problem with your heat pump. Obviously, if your system is not turning on that is a good sign that you may need to consult a qualified heat pump technician. Others symptoms and things to check for that can help determine if you need to schedule a service call for heat pump repair include the following:

  • Heat pump is blowing cold air while set to heating mode
  • Ice has formed on the condenser
  • Unit will not turn on
  • A burning smell is coming from the unit, or through the vents
  • Check / verify thermostat settings
  • Check breakers
  • Check to see if the outdoor unit is running
  • Check to see if there is air blowing out of the vents
  • Check temperature of air and ability to maintain to thermostat setting
Benefits Of A New HVAC System

Advantages Of Heat Pumps

Advantages Of A Heat Pump SystemHeat pumps don’t dry out the air like furnaces can, so there is no need for a humidifier. Filtration removes air pollutants and helps improve air quality which is especially important for those that suffer from asthma or allergies. They are 300 to 400 percent more efficient than gas and oil heating systems, and the heat pumps available today are much more efficient than even just a few years ago.

You might have heard that you should avoid using the emergency / auxiliary heat setting. In actuality, it is ok for your heat pump to use heat strips, in certain situations. Since heat pumps create heat by pulling warm air in from the outside, the colder it is outside, the harder it is for your heat pump to keep up. This typically happens is temperatures below 40 degrees and when your unit goes into the defrost mode. To minimize the chances of your heat strips activating, unless in proper conditions, we suggest you keep your thermostat at a comfortable level but no higher than you need.

Many owners of heat pump systems benefit from the use of a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat allows for more precise temperature control, for example, gradually lowering the temperature a few degrees for your sleeping hours and raising it gradually before you awake.