Furnace Repair And Installation In Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth And Suffolk

Furnace Repair And InstallationWe offer repair service on all propane and gas furnaces makes and models. While most breakdowns can be prevented by routine maintenance, sometimes furnaces need repair or replacement and it seems like they always break down on the coldest days of the year.

Our experienced furnace repair technicians are standing by, ready to help you in your time of need, and our trucks are fully stocked to fix most furnaces on the initial trip to diagnose. Having trouble with your furnace? Call Chesapeake Heating and Air Conditioning at (757) 589-1994 or contact us online to schedule an appointment!

Our Local Furnace Repair Service

With Hampton Roads and its unpredictable weather in the fall and winter seasons, we know that it can get quite cold. So, when your furnace stops working, we know it is an emergency. That’s why we offer affordable service to all our customers in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk and the surrounding cities and areas of Hampton Roads, Virginia. Think you may need a local furnace repair specialist? Call Chesapeake Heating and Air Conditioning at (757) 589-1994 or contact us online to schedule an appointment!

Our Furnace Repair Services

Furnace Repair and Maintenance
  • Ignitors / Pilot lights
  • Flame sensors
  • Blower motors and fan issues
  • Burner problems
  • Ignition control boards
  • Thermostat problems

Things To Check Before Calling A Furnace Repair Company

  • Is the furnace heating properly and keeping the set temperature in the home or business?
  • Is the red emergency switch on (as applicable)? If not, turn it on.
  • Is the furnace making unusual noises?
  • Are there any noticeable odors coming from the unit?
  • Are the filters clean and the registers open?
  • Are all breakers in the correct position?
Benefits Of A New HVAC System

Choose Our HVAC Maintenance Services And Avoid Costly Repairs!

A furnace repair bill can be more costly that routine HVAC maintenance. Keeping your furnace running at peak performance is vital to help avoid a problem before it begins. Routine inspections and tune ups help assure that your heating system will work efficiently whenever you need it.

At Chesapeake Heating and Air Conditioning, we offer you professional HVAC maintenance services to keep your furnace running in tip top shape for your convenience and peace of mind. Call Chesapeake Heating and Air Conditioning at (757) 589-1994 or contact us online to schedule an appointment!